All it took was the right tool...
"Prior to using the TouchStream Solutions tablet, our son Adam required prompting to plan and carry out daily tasks. Although he has many strengths, Adam relied heavily on his family and support staff to compensate for his short-term memory and attention deficit disorder. Every time Adam was prompted by another person, it reinforced a feeling of dependence. Now, every time he uses his tablet, his sense of independence, control and confidence is reinforced -- this represents a better quality of life."

"TouchStream Solutions provided Adam with an unobtrusive tool that continues to help him stay focused and relaxed, knowing that the day's events won't be missed or forgotten. Additionally, we have been able to reduce Adam's staffing requirements, since he is now comfortable using the tablet to guide his morning. We are still discovering new ways to use the tablet and look forward to the continued positive impact that it will have on Adam, his family and support team."
Joyce and Scott (parents of user)

"The TouchStream solution is a valuable, consumer-friendly enabler of our daughter's efforts to live a fulfilling life as independently as possible.
Our daughter is a 23 year old with Downs Syndrome and a very active calendar.  She lives in her own house with a housemate.  She takes a class at the local community college and participates in multiple volunteer, work internship, and community activities.  The TouchStream solution enables all of us to see, monitor and update her calendar efficiently. We update her medication and daily events through the easy to use web interface.  For our daughter, the tablet's simplified format and display of 'what comes next' is reassuring and reinforces the routine that is so important to her."

"When our daughter moved to her own home, the biggest challenges were finding a replacement for parental reminders and obtaining a "status check" that she was where she needed to be. The TouchStream solution reinforces her sense of accountability and enables our daughter to be more independent and in control of her life. The customizable advance-alert function is extremely useful for reminding her to get ready in advance of a scheduled appointment or activity. We created a 'get ready for bed' reminder that serves a dual purpose: it gently reinforces a reasonable bedtime and walks her through the things she needs to check to make sure the house is secure for the night.  The cell phone alerts have been very reassuring to us as well and have been a very effective tool for monitoring her performance of household and personal tasks." 

"The tablet is fundamental player in our daughter's independent living arrangement.  Without the TouchStream solution, we would have to establish additional supports to manage her calendar, issue prompts and reminders, and provide status checks.  Even if 24-hour staff were an option, it would not promote the sense of responsibility and confidence that she derives from using the tablet on her own."
Sarah (mother of user)

"The system regulated me. I used to forget my afternoon medications all the time. I haven't missed one since I started using the system."
Terri (user)

"The girls call the tablet 'Bossy Betty' but they really listen to it. I don't have to be the one pestering them all the time."
Mary (mother of user)

"It makes our morning routine easier because my weight and my wife's blood sugar are logged for us daily. No more mistakes."
Mac (user)

"When mom's health started to decline, we knew about it right away because I started getting notifications about her weight. It helped us get in front of a potential crisis."
Barb (daughter of user)